A brief explanation What is nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is being used more every day. Nanotechnology is the science of using matter on an atomic and molecular scale to solve problems. So it allows us to work and manipulate matter on an infinitely small scale, values ​​between 1 and 100 nanometers, to get an idea more or less, this is the size between a DNA molecule (2 nm) and a bacterium of the genus Mycoplasma. (200 nm). Many companies that manufacture biocidal products have developed and launched their disinfectant products based on nanotechnology, providing great advances in many aspects, highlighting, among others, the durability and permanence of the disinfectant effect against viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, yeasts. and other pathogenic microorganisms. The novelty of this type of disinfectant biocide used for the biosecurity of surfaces is the durability they offer. Depending on the manufacturer, we can find products that guarantee an active permanence of the disinfectant from 30 days to 1 year. This means that the treated and disinfected surface will keep the surface decontaminated from pathogenic microorganisms for as long as the manufacturer has guaranteed. That is, a permanent disinfection. The scope of these products is almost infinite, hospitals, means of transport such as taxis, buses, subways, trains, education centers such as schools, nurseries, universities, offices, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hotels, campsites, rural houses. and many more.

TecnoStatic electrostatic sprayers and nanotechnology

TecnoStatic in this sense has exchanged experiences with manufacturers of disinfectants based on nanotechnology, in order to understand what their needs were.

pulverizador electrostático Desinfección 360º

We have detected that there are several factors that a sprayer must meet to achieve a perfect spraying of this type of product, and it sits correctly on the surface to be treated, without wasting product and with the best possible results. The microdroplet must have a uniform and stable measure, which does not generate alterations in size between them on the surface to which the product is being applied. Our electrostatic sprayers project a droplet size of 40 microns, ideal for ensuring a uniform application. That the sprayer has the option of a product flow regulator, which helps and facilitates the applicator to carry out the treatment. In this way, the applicator can adjust the flow rate and consumption of the product to be applied depending on the needs it has. TecnoStatic offers in its electrostatic spray models the possibility of incorporating a flow regulator, being able to adjust the consumption of products from 25ml / minute to 130ml / minute depending on the equipment. If your company wants us to carry out an adaptation study of our technology in electrostatic sprayers for your product, do not hesitate to contact us and our technicians will study your needs in a personalized way. This study is completely free.

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