Industry leading electrostatic technology

Where can electrostatic spraying be used?

Electrostatic spraying makes it possible to sanitize spaces and utensils in all sectors and industries. In addition, with TecnoStatic you can disinfect electronic equipment.

This technology is now being used to disinfect all types of spaces. The pandemic arising from Covid-19 has seen many companies and organizations seeking fast and safe ways of disinfecting their spaces that are reliable, which is where TecnoStatic comes in.





Hotels and accommodation

veterinary disinfection

Veterinary Clinics

Get a 360º disinfection in your facilities

What are the benefits of the electrostatic spray system?


Total coverage

Spraying is uniform and precise, covering all areas, even the least accessible

Prevention of cross contamination

Prevention of the spread of bacteria, germs or viruses from one surface to another

Considerable financial savings

Application times are significantly shorter compared to other procedures

It is not necessary to move the surfaces and objects requiring disinfection

It is not necessary to touch the surfaces and objects to be disinfected.

Shorter drying time

Spraying creates a very thin film that dries quickly

Environmentally friendly

The minimum amount of chemical required is used

Disinfection of electronic equipment

TecnoStatic technology can be used on all types of electronic equipment with complete safety

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