TecnoStatic presents its new brand of electrostatic sprayers for agriculture AgroStatic.
The electrostatic sprayers that we present at FIMA 2022 are:
TS AGM, is a backpack with a 12 / 16 litre tank with a 20 metre hose and the possibility of connecting it to any conventional air compressor with a minimum flow rate of 90 litres.
TS AG100 This equipment can be manufactured from one to three nozzles, with electric or fuel compressor. It has a 20 litre tank and optional 15, 20 and 30 metre hoses.
This equipment is ideal for nurseries, greenhouses or for special treatments in areas of all types of crops.

pulverizador electrostático agricultoraplicador pulverizador electrostático agrariopulverizador electrostatico TS AGM

What do our Electrostatic Sprayers for Agriculture do for you?

* Better deposition on the underside
* Better deposition in the canopy
* Less consumption of broth
* Less loss to the soil
* Better results
* Product savings

All types of water-based chemicals can be sprayed.

The fair has allowed us to make ourselves known within the agricultural sector.
We are very grateful to all the public in general and especially those who visited our stand and were interested in our equipment.
The impressions received have been very positive, this encourages us to continue creating solutions that allow the farmer to have technology that saves time, efficiency and money.

In TecnoStatic we develop, design and manufacture our electrostatic sprayers in Zaragoza, Spain. We have a technical team that will help you with any query or requirement you may have. We are the first manufacturer of electrostatic sprayers for professional disinfection, European.
Do you want to see how our technology works? Here we show you how the product adheres to the surface and makes a 360º video.

Si desea más información no dude en contactarnos en comercial@tecnostatic.com o a través de nuestro teléfono: +34 876 771 405

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