Electrostatic sprayer TS 400B

The TS 400Bs electrostatic sprayer is a battery-powered self-contained portable device that allows all types of spaces to be disinfected in a professional, efficient and cost-effective way.

Very functional equipment that allows the user to perform services without the need for an electrical connection. Its great maneuverability makes the TS 400B ideal for carrying out work in different spaces of all types of installations, whatever their size. It is fast, efficient and offers great coverage.

Industry-leading electrostatic spraying equipment

Characteristics of the electrostatic sprayer

High impact polymer frame housing
Stainless steel connectors
Injected rubber wheels
Lightweight for daily use
Very practical and comfortable to transport.
Uniform coverage
Be quiet
Digital battery reader
Independent starter connector

General specifications

Dimensions: 51.9 x 36.8 x 54.5.4 cm
Peso neto: 18.1 Kg
Range: up to 3.5 m
Batteries: 24V 30Ah
Lithium battery life: 2-3 h
Hose length: 2,5 m
Flow rate: up to 90-110 ml/min
Droplet size: 40 microns
Tank capacity: 5 l

Why choose a TS 400B device

Savings and efficiency

Up to 65% less disinfectant solution

Speed of execution

75% faster than other traditional spraying methods, significantly reducing labour costs

High spraying capacity

Covers up to 1,600 / 1,750 m2 per hour

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