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What is electrostatic spray?

Electrostatic spraying consists of applying electrical charges to disinfectant liquids. When these liquids are sprayed, the droplets are attracted by the opposite electrical charge of the surfaces, adhering to them precisely and uniformly.

Electrostatic systems greatly minimize human error when applying disinfectant products to surfaces. In addition, since it is not necessary to use cloths, it avoids cross-contamination.

What is electrostatic spray?
The TecnoStatic “all-encompassing” electrostatic technology

The TecnoStatic “all-encompassing” electrostatic technology

TecnoStatic has developed an innovative electrostatic spraying system capable of obtaining superior coverage compared to other spraying systems. Our “all-encompassing” technology, patented by TecnoStatic, provides 360º comprehensive disinfection and saves disinfectant solution, time and labour and, in short, obtains the best results.

The disinfectant, sprayed in tiny droplets by our devices, acts in an enveloping way, reaching the entire surface of the objects, even those corners that are difficult to reach. In this way, it offers greater coverage than other disinfection systems by eliminating all types of pathogenic microorganisms that cause diseases, in a quick, easy and efficient way.



R + D + I Research – Development – Innovation

At TecnoStatic we work researching, developing and innovating, constantly testing all those technological improvements that we can incorporate into our equipment and offering our clients work tools that improve their daily activity.
Listening to our clients and understanding their needs, drives and motivates us, making our work in R + D + I a fundamental part of our growth.
We take into account all the aspects, components, quality, materials, resources,, design, and ingenuity …

TecnoStatic electrostatic disinfection sprayer

Laboratory test, realization of drop size distribution measurements in the electrostatic sprayer with and without electrostatic charge.
Our electrostatic sprayers stably maintain droplet size in long-time spraying.
Tests carried out at the University of Zaragoza, Fluid Laboratory.


TecnoStatic has been supported by the European Union through Co-Versatile.
This has meant a breakthrough in the development of technology and an increase in manufacturing and response capacity in the face of an emergency situation and high demand.


How TecnoStatic 360º electrostatic spraying works



electrostatic sprayer

Our patented “all-encompassing” electrostatic spray technology enables you to reach every surface and object needing spraying to be disinfected. This innovative formula improves results thanks to a total disinfection in a simple and fast way, saving time and resources.

Get a 360º disinfection in your facilities

What are the benefits of the electrostatic spray system?


Total coverage

Spraying is uniform and precise, covering all areas, even the least accessible

Prevention of cross contamination

Prevention of the spread of bacteria, germs or viruses from one surface to another

Considerable financial savings

Application times are significantly shorter compared to other procedures

It is not necessary to move the surfaces and objects requiring disinfection

No es necesario tocar las superficies y objetos a desinfectar

Shorter drying time

Spraying creates a very thin film that dries quickly

Environmentally friendly

The minimum amount of chemical required is used

Disinfection of electronic equipment

TecnoStatic technology can be used on all types of electronic equipment with complete safety

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