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Our facilities are located in Zaragoza, Spain, 300 km from Madrid and Barcelona.
Zaragoza is a city of about 700,000 inhabitants and its main economic activities are industry, highlighting the automotive industry, among others.
We have central offices, located within the city where we manage the commercial and administrative part.
The part of production, engineering, warehouse is carried out in our facilities located in the Plaza industrial estate, just 10 minutes away.
We have more than 10,000 m2, where we make assemblies of the equipment, quality department, warehouse, as well as the technical part, engineering, testing and development.

electrostatic sprayer


electrostatic sprayer


electrostatic sprayer


electrostatic sprayer


Our mission is to offer healthy solutions that provide our clients with safety, savings, competitiveness and improvements in their production processes.


The 3 TecnoStatic commitments


Focus on research and development of products and systems

Offer the most advanced electrostatic spraying equipment with the best technology on the market

Have highly qualified personnel on call for our clients

Quality and environment policy

At TecnoStatic we are aware of the need to continuously improve and adapt the company to the conditions and needs of the market, promote the social climate of the company, care for the environment and motivate all our staff.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy is based on the following general objectives:

  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients and partners, complying with their requirements, in addition to the established legal and regulatory requirements, with the least possible environmental impact.
  • Order and rationalize all processes and methodologies, to ensure quality and increase productivity in a sustainable way.
  • Achieve prestige within our sector that ensures the loyalty of our customers and the recruitment of new ones that guarantees the growth of the company.
  • Provide all the material and human resources necessary to achieve these objectives.
About TecnoStatic. Quality and environment policy

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