Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrostatic spray?

It is the process by which an electrical charge is added to the disinfectant liquid when it is sprayed. The microdroplets are ‘magnetically’ attracted and adhere to the treated surface, until it is completely covered, forming a thin enveloping film.

This allows the amount of product used to be minimised, while ensuring quick and efficient application.

What savings will I get with a TecnoStatic device?

Reduce the cost of sanitizing solution by up to 65% and save up to 75% in time, compared to other spraying systems.

How much area can I do in an hour?

Cover up to 1600/1750 m2 in one hour.

How do I get spare parts?

Our after-sales department will manage any need for components you may have. Contact them at:

How can I keep my device in tip-top condition?

After using the device, empty the disinfectant tank of any leftover liquid. Then, clean the inside of the device and the nozzle to remove the remains of chemical products. This should be done prior to storing the machine or if you change disinfectant. To clean properly, spray distilled water through the machine for 20-30 seconds.

What warranty does my device have?

TecnoStatic equipment offers a one-year limited warranty. To enjoy this guarantee, you need to register it here.

For more details about warranty coverage and repairs, write to us at

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