At TecnoStatic we are specialized in the manufacture of disinfection equipment. The innovative development of this system has positioned us ahead of our competitors as the first European company to manufacture recognized electrostatic spraying equipment.

Innovation in equipment such as electrostatic sprayers is very important to meet the needs of companies and individuals with respect to disinfecting surfaces and spaces more effectively.

What exactly is an electrostatic sprayer?

Following the technological advances that we have developed in recent years, it has been possible for us to design and manufacture an equipment designed to disinfect surfaces by spraying disinfectant on them.

Basically, an electrostatic sprayer is an innovative way to disinfect large spaces, because as its name indicates it is a device that, due to the electrostatic principle, is responsible for dispersing disinfectant particles more efficiently on any surface.

These disinfection equipment are ideal for any space regardless of its use and size, whether they are offices, common areas, dining rooms, game rooms, means of transport, etc.

The fastest way to disinfect

When looking to disinfect a space quickly, there is nothing better than using a electrostatic sprayer. However, it is important to bear in mind that a traditional system is neither efficient nor fast and the task will be twice as complicated. For this reason, it is important to find an electrostatic spray equipment that offers to perform tasks quickly and efficiently, this should be the first search criteria.

Ability to act in a versatile way

One of the many qualities that an electrostatic sprayer has is that it must be versatile. That is, it must be able to adapt to any situation and space. Generally, sprayers were designed to cover large distances or surfaces; but efficiency in confined spaces is still a positive point to consider.

Convenience and price

It is known that the size of a sprayer can vary depending on the brand or the way you want to use it. At Tecnostatic, you will be able to find different electrostatic disinfection equipment to cover all your needs and with better results at the correct price-quality ratio.

How does an electrostatic sprayer work?

Taking into account the growth that these equipments have had, it is important to analyze what their mechanism is. It should be noted that although there are several types of electrostatic sprayer, the main function is to spread particles to disinfect surfaces.

The characteristic of this sprayer is that it requires less amount of disinfectant, less time and can reach more complicated surfaces because droplets with a negative electrical charge get into every corner to be disinfected.

We have several models, some connected to the electrical network and other autonomous batteries that allow a better and more comfortable movement. Both types of sprays can vary in structure but the disinfection process is very simple, since it is only necessary to direct the electrostatic gun towards the area to be decontaminated and the droplets of the disinfectant liquid will search by themselves for the surfaces to be disinfected.