Electrostatic spraying is one of the innovations of this decade having achieved 75% faster than other traditional spraying methods.

How does electrostatic spray work?

The effectiveness of electrostatic spraying technology makes it possible to cover all surfaces and objects to be disinfected, that is, it allows all surfaces and objects to be fully covered for a more effective disinfection.

This speed in execution, apart from providing greater safety in the disinfection of surfaces, allows a very considerable reduction in labor costs and also in the use of products.

That is why Tecnostatic’s electrostatic technology has been patented and is a pioneer throughout the European continent. Hundreds of institutions and medical centers already use electrostatic spraying as a disinfection method.

Where can electrostatic technology be used?

Contrary to what is generally believed, the truth is that electrostatic spraying can be applied to any surface and installation.

Its speed and high spraying capacity allows it to cover 1,600 / 1,750 m2, which is associated with large facilities and specific areas such as medical centers or busy institutions.

However, the use of electrostatic technology is effective in any installation.

The activity of the space does not influence either, since electrostatic spraying is capable of eliminating all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms that cause diseases in an easy, fast and efficient way.

Currently, the use of this technology has spread to disinfect all types of spaces. The pandemic situation generated by covid-19 or coronavirus has allowed many companies to know fast and safe solutions to disinfect their spaces in a fast, reliable and safe way, such as the electrostatic technology of TecnoStatic.