Optimize resources and improve disinfection in the food industry

It is always very important in any industry or sector to maintain the highest degree of hygiene and disinfection, but much more, if possible, in the food industry.

Disinfection in the food industry is always subject to exhaustive protocols and controls that allow us to keep the facilities free of microorganisms, pathogens and comply with the requirements set by health institutions or the quality audits to which they are subjected.

It is not always easy to obtain optimal disinfection results.
Many times companies find machinery, production lines and areas difficult to treat and disinfect due to their size, design, electronic components….

Sometimes there is little time to carry out cleaning and disinfection tasks, since from shift to shift there is almost no time to devote to these tasks.

For this reason, it is essential to have a technology that allows complete, fast and effective disinfection, which saves us disinfectant product and labor.

And above all, that we can do it in a short space of time, thus allowing immediate use of the facilities without affecting the daily production of the company.

For this, without a doubt, the best option is electrostatic spraying technology, which provides us with all the solutions we need in disinfection in the food industry.

How long do you have to wait to use the room once it has been disinfected?

Today there are disinfectants that, when applied with sprinkler systems, do not require a safety period, so the use of the facilities is immediate.

What benefits do we get?

  • Savings of up to 65% of disinfectant product
  • Quick application
  • Savings in labor
  • Better and greater scope in disinfection
  • 360º wraparound capacity
  • Immediate use of the facilities, without security periods
  • Improves environmental quality and provides improvements with ISO 14001
  • Significant cost savings
  • Ability to penetrate hard-to-reach areas such as cracks, crevices, grates

Without a doubt, the best technology is the application of disinfectants / biocides with electrostatic spraying. Get bio-safe spaces.


Important information

Is cleaning the same as disinfection?


No. Cleaning is a process that is carried out to remove dirt deposited on a surface.
This process must always be carried out prior to the second phase, which will be disinfection.
Once we have carried out a thorough cleaning of the surfaces, we will proceed to disinfection.
The better and more thorough we carry out the cleaning, the better results we will obtain with the disinfection.

electrostatic disinfection food industry

Disinfection is a process that through the use of biocidal / disinfectant products and application techniques, it is possible to reduce the microbial load of a surface or environment.
In this way we will achieve the best possible hygiene and disinfection results in any type of facility and sector. Eliminating all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi.

Remember: Cleaning and Disinfection are two DIFFERENT processes



If we can avoid distributing the disinfectant with a cloth, the better. why? In this way we will avoid causing possible cross contamination.
This means that we will not spread microorganisms from one area to another.
Therefore, it is important to apply disinfectants with techniques that avoid contact with the surface.

In this case, the best technique is the application of biocides / disinfectants with electrostatic sprays.
This technology allows to apply the disinfectant / biocide leaving a thin layer on it, uniform and with a total coverage, 360º enveloping, without the need to distribute the product manually and make contact with the surface.
It can even be applied to electronic equipment and has the ability to penetrate areas where it cannot be done manually.

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