Electrostatic spraying is an innovation, a technological advance by the first European manufacturer TecnoStatic, to optimize sanitary conditions, since traditional and manual operational measures can become less effective and more expensive. With the use of an electrostatic sprayer in the disinfection of surfaces, an optimization is achieved in the time, resources and labor invested. Manual work with products for routine use can become insufficient in twice the amount of time and cause cross-contamination. These contaminations come, in the vast majority of occasions, from an inappropriate disinfection of equipment, furniture and material that tends to be reused and stored in unsanitary conditions.

The technology behind the use of electrostatic spray in the disinfection of surfaces

Although it is a technology that has been seen in other sectors, it has recently been implemented in the disinfection area. In the irrigation of agricultural fields, and in automotive companies, the electrostatic spraying system has been present for a few decades. The quality of electrostatic spraying resides in charging the droplets with negative ions that act like a magnet when they are expelled by the nozzle of the spraying device. For TecnoStatic, the pulverized particles (of disinfectant products) cause repulsion to each other, and contain properties like those of a magnet adhering to the surface on which they are sprayed. These particles are attached to the surface. Due to the fact that said surface has an opposite charge, the attraction is such that the particles seek to “wrap” the surface, which expands them uniformly on it. As a result, the surfaces are completely covered by the disinfection product.

The application methodology in the use of electrostatic sprayer in the disinfection of surfaces has a diversity of areas

The uniform and enveloping quality of electrostatic spraying, according to TecnoStatic, makes it multifaceted. One of the advantages of applying the disinfectant with an electrostatic sprayer is that a cloth is not required to spread and distribute the disinfectant over the treated surface, thus avoiding the possibility of creating cross contamination. This is a differential element at the time of sanitation. Much corporate instrumentation must be handled in a minimum range, with specialized equipment, to reduce the degree of microorganisms at non-problematic rates for companies and institutions, which can approve the regimes and standards of disinfection.

Guaranteed surface disinfection

Many companies and organizations prefer to opt for a more effective disinfection. This has several factors that positively impact corporate work, clients, and staff. The food industry, sports centers and gyms. Also the offices, companies that offer transport services, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other sectors that must be constantly sanitized opt for the electrostatic sprayer as the most reliable instrument for the disinfection of surfaces.

Electrostatic spraying is recommended by different sectors

For TecnoStatic, full coverage is one of the benefits derived from other spraying methods. A uniform disinfection product coating allows this disinfection of surfaces to use fewer resources, without causing a negative impact on people. The use of an electrostatic sprayer incorporates efficiency and economy in the face of tight disinfection schedules. With regular application, the effect of the film applied to the surfaces is maximized without using additional products, with less time and labor for it. The efficiency of the results and the optimization of both product and time make the electrostatic sprayer one of the revolutionary preferred options in companies, institutions and healthcare centers.