Undoubtedly, the main focus of 2020 is maximizing all disinfection protocols, whether in public, health or commercial establishments. The goal is offering the highest decontamination in terms of viruses and other microorganisms that can be harmful to citizens.

Considering the current needs, traditional disinfection methods are not fully effective and they may have been limited.

So far, various studies have shown that more than 45% of patients who have got infections in health centers, got the infection upon admission, due to cross-contamination on surfaces, especially direct contact surfaces such as wheelchairs, knobs, tables, among others.

Technostatic technology allows certifying optimal biosafety and disinfection, by means of an innovative patented formula which is able to fully cover the surfaces and objects to be disinfected.

The new electrostatic spraying equipment have been exclusively created by Tecnostatic and they provide a higher efficiency as regards to the integral disinfection of surfaces compared to other traditional disinfection methods. Offering greater speed, savings in disinfectant solution / labor and execution times; in addition to being more efficient, handy and cost-effective.

These spraying equipment are easy to transport. Thus, they are an ideal solution for healthcare facilities, schools and crowded places.

The TS 100 electrostatic sprayer is targeted to the comprehensive disinfection of large facilities where continuous work is necessary. While the TS 200 electrostatic sprayer is targeted to different size facilities and, above all, to combine different jobs in the same day due to its fast and effective formula.

Tecnostatic has established itself within Europe as the first EU manufacturer of disinfection equipment able to cover current and future needs by means of electrostatic technology. Which is already present in facilities such as hospitals, universities, fire stations, food industry, transport companies… Companies such as Ferrovial and the Emergency Military Unit (UME) are already using our electrostatic spraying equipment.