Advances in the health sector must be matched with technological advances. Under this premise, TecnoStatic’s most powerful disinfection equipment was born, the electrostatic sprayer. TecnoStatic electrostatic technology is a pioneer in Europe.

Electrostatic disinfection equipment: what was before, and what is now

The world of agriculture and automotive companies use this medium to carry out nutrient, pesticide or water spreading, and paint spraying respectively. In recent years, the technique has been incorporated into the field of disinfection. Using a specialized nozzle that charges the liquid with negative ions, the disinfection product is distributed into particles that act like a magnet, adhering homogeneously to the treated surface, without leaving spaces without decontamination.

Electrostatic disinfection equipment is not limited to specific instruments

At TecnoStatic we are committed to the use of the electrostatic sprayer to disinfect electronic equipment. These devices include screens, monitors, keyboards, telephones, microwaves, wiring, ATMs and payment devices, apart from smooth surfaces or machinery that requires thorough and deep disinfection. . Many of these instruments are of constant manipulation. For safety and prevention measures, these devices must be constantly sanitized, especially in industrial areas of food handling, hospitals, transport services and related.

Teams go hand in hand with staff needs

For TecnoStatic it is essential that the product conform to what the organization or company requires. Certain agencies require devices that provide greater coverage, especially for large spaces, such as production fields, where disinfection with electrostatic sprays is rapid and spaced. In the same sense, other companies with less widely spaced homes deserve more versatile equipment. Those with a power cord and an air compressor are good options. TecnoStatic manufactures equipment that can use any biocide or pesticide disinfectant that is water-based. This is important for element distribution and electrostatic spray disinfection of computer equipment.

The advantages of the electrostatic sprayer give it superiority in use

For TecnoStatic, disinfection must be efficient and fast. This can be made difficult by the difficult access to certain spaces in the used appliances, the amount of area to be covered or the cleaning requirements alone. The electrostatic technique allows to reduce the time used when disinfecting. This works in favor of the schedules arranged for maintenance, of course, in the impact it has on people. At the same time, it reduces the application of the product without compromising its effectiveness.