Electrostatic disinfection in large offices and workplaces is vital to maintain a fully disinfected environment free of microorganisms that can be harmful to human health. In an environment as crowded as the working area, it is vitally important to have an appropriate disinfection system for this environment.

Electrostatic disinfection can be the key to preventing possible contagion by pathogenic microorganisms. Do not reduce the productivity of your company or business, simply adapt it to the new biosecurity regulations. To achieve this goal of a safe and disinfected workplace, consider electrostatic disinfection equipment. At Tecnostatic, a Spanish company that manufactures electrostatic equipment, we are pioneers in Europe in this technology thanks to our innovative process for disinfection of the workplaces and common areas.

Clearing your doubts. What is an electrostatic disinfection?

Traditional cleaning procedures, even pretending to be the best, are not enough to perform a correct cleaning and disinfection of the affected surfaces, as they should be cleaned in large crowded spaces and common areas, such as offices or shops, this happens generally due to lack of time or knowledge. Professional electrostatic equipment allows savings in time, costs of products and labor to ensure complete disinfection.

Electrostatic disinfection in large offices, as its name implies, are work spaces where we find electronic equipment such as computers, printers, different types of furniture and electrical equipment. To be able to disinfect all this equipment, reaching every square centimeter of all surfaces including electronic equipment in a very short time, and achieve effective disinfection and a reduced cost. The only technology that allows us to achieve these objectives is indisputably electrostatic spraying.

Through the use of a water-based biocide, it can be a conventional or concentrated biocide, which we must dilute with distilled water in the percentage indicated by the manufacturer and its composition is “sprayed” through electrostatic equipment mentioned. The disinfectant particles then soak into surfaces more efficiently. But what is behind this method?

Actually, the sprayer adds a negative electromagnetic charge to the microdroplets of the disinfectant used. An innovation of the pioneer manufacturer in Europe, Tecnostatic.

According to what is currently known, the particles or entities present on the surfaces are positively charged. By virtue of this, the drop with a negative charge will be attracted by the positive components of a surface. As a consequence, these drops will be able to completely cover any object and surface.

For this reason, electrostatic disinfection is characterized by covering a large amount of space in a simple spray. As the disinfectant particles constantly reject each other due to their electrostatic charge, they “bounce” until they reach a stable position between one drop and another on the surfaces.


Get to know the instruments for electrostatic disinfection of large offices!

  • Electrostatic sprayers are the essential tools to use. Through its operating technology, the disinfectant biocidal is sprayed with the negative charge mentioned above.
  • They are designed to perform disinfection work on large surfaces and areas with more precision. Due to their high spray capacity system, they are ideal for any type of office size and facility.
  • Before disinfecting, we must know what type of microorganism we want to eliminate in order to select the appropriate biocide.

Advantages of electrostatic disinfection

  • The effectiveness of this type of cleaning is almost perfect. With 99.99% efficiency, they endorse it as the most effective disinfection method for offices. In general, it is a sure guarantee of a good result.
  • With electrostatic disinfection in large offices, a great reach of all surfaces is achieved. Thanks to the polarity of its electrostatic charges and the way its particles repel each other, the coverage of the areas will be greater.
  • By means of electrostatic disinfection in large offices, the hygienic safety of employees is guaranteed. Due to its high performance, it is a fact that any surface, no matter how difficult it is to reach it, we can eliminate any pathogenic microorganism, thus avoiding contamination between the users of the facilities.