The presence of electrostatic spraying in healthcare institutions has become very common; However, in recent months with the growing health crisis that has been experienced worldwide, this has become a necessary task in almost all health and public institutions.

Today buying electrostatic sprayers has become more of a necessity to ensure sanitized spaces. Thanks to the innovation of our company TecnoStatic, it is possible to have comfortable sprayers to be able to disinfect from large industries or healthcare institutions to centers with smaller dimensions.

What is the presence of electrostatic spraying in health institutions?

Electrostatic spray disinfection has been around for many years. However, with the incredible technological advances that have emerged in recent years, machines or brands have grown considerably, thus improving autonomy, speed and disinfection capacity.

Fortunately for many, at TecnoStatic we are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of top quality sprayers. It should be noted that each of the sprayers are ideal for all types of environments and ranges.

However, the disinfection of spaces with the help of electrostatic spraying in health institutions is a key element in the hygiene of an environment. Although many people do not believe it, the invention of these elements for surgical rooms was devised with the purpose of being able to disinfect even the smallest corner, due to its extensive scope. Currently, electrostatic sprayers offer a speed and guarantee superior to other traditional disinfection methods.

It is no secret to anyone that sprayers can reach even the smallest space, since, being a sprayer, the disinfectant particles reach any corner.

Likewise, they are easy to carry and can be effective in disinfecting all types of spaces and surfaces on a sanitary level, from examination rooms to waiting rooms. In recent months with the current pandemic, this disinfection mechanism has become a daily and constant use, thus reducing the chances of contagion.

Benefits of having electrostatic spraying in healthcare institutions

As is known, having disinfected spaces in hospitals or clinics is completely necessary, even with the existence or not of a pandemic. In this sense, electrostatic spraying has unique benefits, this being one of the main reasons why so many institutions recommend it as an effective method for disinfecting surfaces.

Greater possibility of disinfection

Clearly, the use that is given to electrostatic sprayers is that they can disinfect much more spacious areas and in a more efficient way. With the help of sprayers, hard-to-reach areas can be reached quickly. In the same way, they are ideal for those crowded spaces.

It should be noted that one of the reasons why electrostatic spraying present in health institutions is so popular is that much more money is saved on disinfection products and labor, since the sprayers have an integrated system to save the disinfectant.

Easy and comfortable to use

Facilitating the work of disinfection is one of the many benefits that electrostatic spraying has to offer, in addition to being a device that is useful to easily disinfect any surface. This makes it a much easier job for workers assigned to this task.

In the same way, TecnoStatic sprayers are pioneers in representing an extremely easy and comfortable device to handle due to their ergonomic design.